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T-6800 Portable Multi-Parameter colorimeter
Model: T-6800
Product description: T-6800 is a powerful, reliable professional portable analytical instruments, In-set a number of parameters, simple operation, fast testing.
Product Details:


1. Simultaneous support for colorimetric bottle and digestion tube detection mode, intelligent matching of  built-in standard curve.

2. Support more than 7 wave lengths with intelligent software control and switch the wavelength  automatically.

3. Over 65 default test procedures, supporting doing test directly with special reagent kit.

4. Support USB and PC connection, large capacity memory with 1,000 groups of data.

Optional intelligent safe Reactor:

1.The integrated explosion-proof feature and double lock provide additional safety.

2.Independent design make the reactor more easy to clean and maintain,its corrosion-proof,high temperature resistant material.

3.Variable frequency heating temperature control is more accurate



Default wavelength: 380nm, 420nm, 470nm, 520nm,           600nm, 620nm, white light, can be extended wavelength


3.5 inch TFT colorful screen display




0.001A (display); 0.0001A (calculation)


Supporting 1,000 groups of data and PC data  management  software

Power supply

4 AA batteries or USB supply

Test items

CODcr (LR), CODcr (HR),nitrite, nitratetotal phosphorus total nitrogenpH, color, turbidity, free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ozone (DPD), ozone (indigo France), oxygen consumption,ect 65        parameters

Reactor specification

6 digestion holes, Depth 65mm, Round hole bottom

Reactor efficiency

10 minutes from 25 ° C to 150 ° C

indication error


Standard configuration:


1 PC

12.5mL sample cell

 3 PCS

Turbidity cell

1 PC

User manual

1 PC

Reagent user manual

1 PC

USB cable

1 PC

10-50uL pipette

1 PC

50-250uL pipette

1 PC

100-500uL pipette

1 PC


1 PC

50-250uL pipette tip

     100 PCS

1000uL pipette tip

   50 PCS

2500uL pipette tip

   50 PCS

Sampling tube

1 PC

Digestion tube

   20 PCS

25ml Reaction cuvette

 2 PCS

Small screwdriver

1 PC

Cleaning fabric

1 PC

20 NTU calibration solution

1 PC


1 PC

7 hole stainless steel bracket

1 PC

Shielded Cap

1 PC


1 PC

Black Carrying case

1 PC


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